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Vinyl Sound Barrier

Vinyl Sound Barrier – Mass Loaded Vinyl Barrier, MLV

Vinyl Sound Barrier

What is MLV?

Mass Loaded Vinyl (MLV) is a safe, non-toxic noise barrier designed to hang as a limp mass in a variety of soundproofing applications.

What is a soundproofing barrier?

Noise barrier or sound barrier products add mass to a wall, ceiling, floor, or enclosure serving as a highly effective soundproofing solution – at an affordable price.  Soundproofing barriers are typically installed directly on the studs or joists to reduce noise transmission between the source of the sound and the destination.

Flexible Vinyl Barrier


Clear Vinyl Barrier


Mass Loaded Vinyl Barrier


Case Study

Read how a developer solved noise issues from shared walls in their condominium project. Click here.

Learn how a commercial construction company dealt with sound & privacy issues in office units with our Mass Loaded Vinyl Barrier. Click Here.

Installation Instructions

What is STC?

Sound Transmission Class (STC) is a rating assigned to a material or an assembly of  materials representing the transmission loss or reduction in sound between the source and the target.  A standardized test, performed in an acoustics lab, measures the transmission loss between a Sound Source and a room.  Measurements are taken over a range of 6 different frequencies ranging between 125Hz and 4000Hz.  This frequency band covers the speech range.

Vinyl Sound Barrier – This high density thin, weighted Soundproofing barrier, constructed of non reinforced high temperature fused vinyl with no lead filters. Weighs one pound per square foot and is 1/8″ thick. Apply to block transmission of sound through walls, floors, and ceilings. Also effective as a pipe and duct wrap to damper vibrations and reduce noise. Also available in a reinforced version designed to sustain it’s own vertical weight for suspension.

Ceiling Barrier Tiles with Soundproofing Vinyl Sound Barrier: We carry a ceiling tile barrier tile with 1″ fiberglass & 1 pound scrim faced Vinyl Sound Barrier material. Call our specialist for details or view a usage diagram here.

Mass Loaded Vinyl Barrier Material Test Specs

Sound Transmittion Loss Specs – Mass Loaded Vinyl Barrier Material

Vinyl Sound Barrier Details:

Acoustical Vinyl Noise Barrier NRC Ratings

  Package/Roll: 54″x 30′ AND 54″ x 60′ rolls
(please specify when quoting)
  Weight/Sq.Ft. 1 lb And 2lb Available
  Tensile (Psi) 762
  Gauge (inches) 108″
  Elongation (%) 200%
  Die “C” Tear (#/In.) 114
  200 Deg. F/7 Days No defomration: <1% Shrink
  Elongation (%) 200%
  Mil Std. 6411 Burn Test 9 (Pass)
  MVS 302 Burn Test Pass: Self Estinguished
  STC 27 (1lb ) & 32 (2lb)

Soundproofing Barricade Noise Barrier Availability

Barricade Noise Barrier – Vinyl Sound Barrier products are available in 54″ x 60′ long, 270 sq ft. per roll, with custom lengths available. Call us today to discuss at 1-561-964-9360.

Vinyl Sound Noise Barrier Installation Instructions

First ask us about using a staggered stud or floating wall approach to your construction if possible. The apply the Vinyl Sound Barrier between the studs and sheet rock. Do not glue this directly to a wall for free standing. It;s weight will require the reinforcement of another layer of wall surface to be screwed or nailed over it. Us staples of screws to temporarily hold it up until you get your next wall surface applied. Also a good product for laying on top of your ceiling tiles to “cap” the room with a sound barrier material.

Vinyl Sound Barrier Cross Section:

Vinyl Mass Loaded Sound Barrier Mass Loaded Vinyl Sound Barrier
Soundproofing Vinyl Barrier Vinyl Sound Barrier

Mass Loaded Vinyl Sound Barrier

Vinyl Sound Barrier
Vinyl Sound Barrier
Vinyl Sound Barrier
Vinyl Sound Barrier
Vinyl Sound Barrier
Vinyl Sound Barrier
Vinyl Sound Barrier
Vinyl Sound Barrier
VB-60Vinyl Sound Barrier
54″ x 30′
1.0 lb/sf (4.88 kg/m2)
VB-62Vinyl Sound Barrier
54″ x 30′
2.0 lb/sf (9.76 kg/m2)
Flammability: UL 94 HF1 Meets 1MVSS 302
(Other sizes available on VB-60 and VB-62. Please call 561-964-9360 for options.)