TV Studio Noise Control

Case Study:  Affordably Provide Noise Control to a Contractor Hired to Help a Busy Television Studio

Client: Chiarmonte Construction Company on behalf of McKinley TV Studio, Washington, DC


Brian Dantro from Chiarmonte Construction Company called All Noise Control after hearing about our services word-of-mouth to see how we could help them provide their client McKinley TV Studio with a workable solution to the noise absorption issues they were having in their TV Studio.


After a detailed discussion to determine the exact nature of the problem, one of the many noise control engineers on staff at All Noise Control provided them with a custom solution to their problem:  improving sound absorption in the studio via ANC-1002 2″ thick 2′ x 2′ pyramid foam.

Chiarmonte Construction purchased 232 2″ thick 2′ x 2′ pyramid foams. They received and installed the foam in the TV Studio and were able to install it using the easy to follow step-by-step instructions provided by the experts at All Noise Control, including advice on placement of the sound absorbing foams.


The customer was completely satisfied with their product and has stated that the foam has made a complete difference in the sound quality they are able to achieve. With the customer happy, so is the construction company they hired to fix their problem.  Mr. Dantro has stated many times that he would be happy to recommend All Noise Control to anyone and is looking forward to placing additional orders or looking for a customized solution to their problem.

With decades of experience in providing solutions to acoustic problems for television an recording studios, All Noise Control is ready to provide a complimentary evaluation of your needs.  Just call our Customer Service Department at 561-964-9360.