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Case Studies

With the popularity of the home recording studios on the rise, All Noise Control has just the products you need to build your recording studio. No studio design, whether project or commercial, is complete without proper acoustical isolation, absorption and diffusion. Typically, slap echo, flutter echo , standing waves, along with a loss of clarity in the lower frequency range, plague the small room designs used for home recording studios. Don’t let your recording studio be the reason your recordings don’t translate properly. Don’t let room modes and phase canceling leave your room far from flat.



Actors Studio Soundproofing – Acoustic Sound Curtains

All Noise Control received a call from the owner of an acting studio in California. The studio was experiencing some noise control issues. The studio had a large room with lofty ceilings that had an immense amount of reverberation, also known as echoing. At the same time, they wanted to divide their room with a product that can block noise from the other side as well as look good doing it. We then offered our Acoustic Curtain for dividing the room in combination with our Acoustic Wall Panels for the rest of the walls.

Our Acoustic Curtain needed to block noise AND absorb noise at the same time. We have a simple solution. Our STC 17 liner in the middle of the curtain will block the noise. This made the curtain thick and heavy (what any great curtain consists of). To absorb the noise, we added more width to the curtain. Doing this gives the curtain noise absorption capability. For example, if we have an 11-foot-wide opening, we will create a curtain 13’ wide and squeeze it into our 11-foot track system. This will give the curtain soft folds while it is completely drawn and will absorb the sound waves hitting it. The Acting Studio couldn’t be happier with their new curtain divider.

The Wall Panels on either side of the room was the cherry on top! The curtain helped immensely with the reverberation, but the studio’s concrete walls were not helping. We constructed the perfect size wall panels for the room’s measurements. Bordering the room with wall panels finished the job and echo became a thing of the past. The show must go on!! Read More


Mckinley TV Studio uses Acoustic Foam Application:

Brian Dantro from Chiarmonte Construction company called All Noise Control to help them provide their client McKinley TV Studio with noise absorption issues in their TV Studio. After discussing their application, All Noise Control provided them with a solution of ANC-1002 2″ thick 2′ x 2′ pyramid foam for their application.

Chiarmonte Construction purchased 232 2″ thick 2′ x 2′ pyramid foams. They received and installed the foam in the TV Studio. The customer was completely satisfied with their product and has stated that the foam has made a complete difference and Mr. Dantro would be happy to recommend All Noise Control to anyone and is looking forward to placing additional orders with All Noise Control. Read More


University of Michigan restores harmony in band room….

Educational facilities always have acoustic problems to solve. Whether it’s multi-purpose rooms, gymnasiums or sports centers, theaters, auditorium’s or music and band rooms, there’s a lot of noise in the educational industry. University of Michigan needed to find harmony in their frequently used band room. With the array of instruments, variety of noise levels and active students, the sound in their band room has serious reverberation problems. Another major contributing factor in these types of rooms are the construction materials, most often exposed concrete which offers a disadvantage by promoting reverberation, echo and distortion of sound.

Mr Wilson of the University of Michigan contacted All Noise Control with the problems they were experiencing in their band room. It was a classic acoustic solution to provide foam to both balance and absorb the sound in the room. We provided the University with the newest pyramid foam in 2’ x 2’ sheets offering a simple and budget conscious acoustical solution. Harmony was restored in the U. Michigan band room with little impact on often strict educational budgets. The foam panels were also simple to install and handled by the internal maintenance staff quickly and easily. Read More