10 Soundproofing Materials to use in Recording Studios

Soundproofing is very confusing business and there is many soundproofing materials available on the market today, but with no explanation on what to use to soundproof your recording studio, so here is a list we’ve created of top 10 soundproofing materials to use when soundproofing your recording studio:

  1. Soundproofing Walls Panels – Soundproofing Wall Panels also called acoustic Wall Panels are the ideal solution for spaces with reverberant noise problems. Our wall panels can be installed for a variety of applications.Acoustical Wall panels are sound absorbing panels that can mount directly to walls or ceilings through a variety of adhesives, impaling clips, hook & loop fasters etc. They are designed to stop noise control issues with their powerful sound absorbing acoustical materials. They are frequently used in offices as they not only prevent noise pollution but increase speech intelligibility by reducing reverberation and echoes
  1. Soundproofing Foam – acoustic foam used for sound control in Commercial Acoustic Applications, Home Theater Acoustics, recording studios and other sound reflective rooms Soundproof Foam Panels are effective and simple to install and Foam can be used to reduce unwanted sound on walls or ceilings.


  1. Ceiling Clouds – Ceiling Clouds / Ceiling Systems are a highly effective treatment for the reduction of sound in ceiling areas. Ceiling clouds are suspended horizontally, with a D-Ring or T-Grid attachment mounted to the cloud. Ceiling clouds are available in standard sizes up to 4’ x  10’ with custom sizes and shapes available. The face and edges of the glass fiber core are wrapped in fabric or perforated vinyl to match or accentuate the room design.


  1. Vinyl Sound Barrier – Noise barrier or sound barrier products add mass to a wall, ceiling, floor, or enclosure serving as a highly effective soundproofing solution – at an affordable price.  Soundproofing barriers are typically installed directly on the studs or joists to reduce noise transmission between the source of the sound and the destination.


  1. Wrap Barrier – Wrap Barrier is a composite soundproofing material with a flexible one pound per square foot reinforced foil-faced loaded vinyl noise barrier bonded to a 1″ thick quilted fiberglass sound absorber. Wrap Barrier dramatically reduce the amount of noise transmitting through walls casing of ductwork steel or PVC piping valves Sheetmetal enclosures plenums VAV units and fans.


  1. Diffusers – Art Diffusor is suitable for use in recording, broadcast, theater, home listening rooms, offices or anywhere diffusion is required and will add to the architectural & aesthetic interest of the room.


  1. Bass Trap – is a broadband acoustical foam absorber designed to be mounted in room corners as a bass trap. It is especially useful to trap the bass that is more intense at the intersection of walls. The rolling pattern provides increased surface area for greater sound absorption. Sound enters the corner triangle trap and is never heard from again.


  1. Accordion Soundproofing Door – Commercial to residential, institutional to industrial – you name the place, and ANC Accordion Doors can help define the space. Whether you need to divide a cold, cavernous room into more people-friendly areas, free up floor space, eliminate door fights in tight areas, or help reduce distracting noise, you won’t find a better solution than a quality-crafted Accordion Door. And rest assured: whether it’s installed at home or in a hotel lobby, you’ll get the flawless functionality and lasting durability you’d expect from a ANC creation. Simply put, there’s just no better choice.


  1. Acoustic Curtains – Our beautiful, elegant acoustical curtains and drapes are custom made for our clients’ commercial, scientific and residential use. ANC Acoustic Curtains laboratory tested and field proven Acoustic Curtains and Acoustic Drapes protect you from outside noise, climate and light, providing maximum privacy


  1. Ceiling Tiles are cost-effective and of the utmost quality acoustic ceiling tiles available. Perfect for commercial and corporate environments to control noise within an area and help prevent it from traveling from space to space. Both our melamine and standard ceiling tiles are available for quick delivery and a cost-effective solution for virtually any ceiling!


Ceiling Panels – Sound Absorption panel can be installed on walls or ceiling using mechanical clips, adhesive or hook & loop.


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